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I am really excited to read/listen to Do Nothing by Celeste Headlee! A few months ago I was listening to the this Goop podcast. Celeste Headlee was promoting her new book, Do Nothing. The podcast is very interesting and touches upon how we are in a society that measures success by productivity and doing things for the sake of doing them. The podcast sheds a light on questions like, are the things we do really enriching our lives? Are we somewhat “trapped” by the modern economy? Are we able to create a sustainable life if we don’t work in or under a corporation? I am really excited to dive into Do Nothing to get a better understanding on the concepts and ideas presented and apply them to my life!


JULES THOUGHTS ON "Do NoThing" By Celeste Headlee

I hadn’t heard of Do Nothing until Anna recommended the Goop podcast episode about it to me, and I immediately felt SEEN! It presented so many unique questions and theories about the concept of time and how it relates to work and, beyond that, the author tied in a lot of historical research about how and why these concepts have changed over time, which I found interesting and gave me confidence that she really did her research and knows what she’s talking about.  Of course, we all need to pay our bills and for most people, that means by working, but we can still explore what’s right and wrong about time and work in our daily lives: hustling, competitive environments, guilt, etc.  I listen to a lot of books, but this is one I’m going to purchase a hard copy of because I want to highlight it and take notes! 


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