We are Moving!!

The Co-op | We Are Moving

E. Jones Street Savannah GA.

WE ARE MOVING!!! I literally can’t believe I am typing this sentence and I literally can’t believe how fast this is all happening! Last week, Justin took a job offer in Savannah GA, then we drove down to Savannah and looked at about 10 homes and rental properties in about 2 days, hopped back in the car to Philadelphia and are currently packing and purging our apartment!

 For a few years now, Justin and I have been toying with the idea of moving South, but we didn’t really see how it was possible when owning Threads. Once we closed Threads, the dream of moving South seemed more attainable, and now I really can’t believe we are moving! I had never been to Savannah, until this past Sunday, so I was a little nervous!

As soon as we pulled into Savannah, everything just felt right. The city already feels like home and I was so sad to leave, even though we will be back in a few short weeks. Savannah is beyond cute. Each neighborhood has a little square that is drenched in shade from the magnificent oak trees draped in  Spanish moss.

 It’s true what they say about southern hospitality, the people are lovely and kind. We found a super cool apartment for the year, while we plan on house hunting! We both want to tackle and take on a project of a historic townhouse renovation. Yes, we know we are crazy, and yes it will be an arduous process!

I am currently feeling all the feels. Happy, excited, overwhelmed and a little nervous about everything. I would be lying if I didn’t say I am very grateful for this move! In so many ways I wanted a fresh start since closing Threads. I am going to do another post about the whole process of closing Threads and what’s down the road for The Co-op next week!

I plan to try to document this moving process on Insta Stories and The Co-op as much as possible. So anyone who wants to follow along, can! Most of my Instagram following is comprised of my wonderful Threads customers and I love that so many of us still stay in touch via Instagram! I hope you’ll always reach out for fashion advice and I love it when you tell me you tried out one of my recipes! I hope if you ever come to Savannah, you’ll reach out and we can get together!