Food Order
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What Is Food Order? And How To Optimize your Digestion!

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Why Practice Food Order

 Food order is the practice of eating certain foods in a particular order. There are two simple rules to abide by while practicing Food order correctly. Always eat food in order of light to heavy and raw to cooked.

 Food order is an important “tool” because it allows the body to first digest hydrating, enzyme, and antioxidant-rich foods like raw vegetable juices, fruits, and vegetables. These foods “prime” the digestive system to help break down slow to digest foods like nuts and seeds, animal protein, and cooked starches. Eating in the correct food order creates an environment where digestive enzymes help break down any cooked and heavy foods that may follow the raw and light foods. Practice food order in conjunction with food combining for optimal digestion and “Qi” or “fluidity” within the body for best results.

Food Combining & Food Order

Food combining and food order work in tandem to create the most efficient form of digestion. When we make an efficient digestive system, we help the body remove unwanted waste and debris. We create space for the body to stop worrying about digestion and remove blockages. The body can then spend time healing and detoxing old waste matter deep within the body.

Examples of Proper Food Order and Improper Food Order 

Example Of Proper Food Order –You may start your day with lemon water, water, coffee, tea, etc. As you become hungry, have a fresh green vegetable juice give, following the green juice enjoy fruit, or opt for a raw leafy green salad with various vegetable toppings. This salad could also accompany whatever protein or starch you like, but never a starch and protein in the same meal because we always combine proper food order with food combining. Then several hours (3-4 hours) later, you would begin dinner with a fresh leafy green salad followed by starch or protein. 

Notice all these meals start with fresh raw vegetables, the raw vegetables will hydrate the body, and the fiber will sweep away unwanted debris and toxins left in the body. It also preps the stomach and intestines with plenty of enzymes and fiber to help pull heavy-cooked meals that may follow the raw leafy green salads throughout the body.

Example Of Improper Food Order – A perfect example of correct food combining and incorrect food order would be to eat a lunch of sautéed kale and salmon, then a fresh raw salad. This meal is properly food combined with neutral vegetables and protein. By simply switching to eating the salad first and then the cooked meal, you’ll prime the system with raw enzymes and allow the body to digest the cooked salmon and cooked kale more efficiently. 

Food Order Timeline

Food Order Timeline