Morning Sunshine Juice

Morning Sunshine Juice

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We affectionately call this juice recipe Morning Sunshine. This juice is light, refreshing, and slightly sweet from the carrots. The juice feels like you are drinking in the sun and provides excellent hydration and energy for your day! I like to fill a Yeti like this style with my juice most mornings. I will drink some right away and then sip on the rest throughout the morning at work!

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Raw Vegetable juices are incredibly cleansing and hydrating. They should always be consumed on an empty stomach and enjoyed independently without other foods or beverages for at least 45 minutes to an hour. When you drink raw vegetable juice, you’re consuming the very essence and life force of the vegetable. Vegetable juices should always be consumed raw and as fresh as possible, ideally within 30 minutes to an hour of juicing them. This way, the enzymes in the juice are potent, and without the fiber from the whole vegetable, you are allowing the nutrients to begin to cleanse, nourish and heal the body.

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Morning Sunshine Juice

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  • 1 Bunch Celery
  • 6 Medium Carrots
  • 1 Lemon (Rhind Included)


Place your carrots into the juicer first, followed by the lemon and celery. Always juice your veggies by how much pulp they create, passing through the hardier veggies first, and the more water based veggies last!

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  • All By Itself On An Empty Stomach 

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