How To Clean Your Vegetables
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How To Clean Your Vegetables

How :

My favorite way to clean fruits and vegetables is to dilute a capful of food-grade hydrogen peroxide (purchased here) in a large bowl of filtered water. Let soak for about 5-10 mins. Rinse fruit and vegetables off pat dry, and then store away accordingly. I seldom wash fruits and vegetables if they are grown locally and organic. I will give them a quick rinse under filtered water and go about my day. 

Why :

However, most produce bought at the grocery store travels far. The fruits and vegetables most of us buy at grocery stores are often grown abroad and coated in wax to prevent bacteria growth on the crop while in transit. This coating can irritate some and even create allergic reactions like itchy throat, swollen lips, etc. Properly washing fruits and vegetables will help remove the wax coating and any toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and bacteria on the produce.

When :

Save yourself time by soaking and washing all your fruits and vegetables when you get home from grocery shopping. This way, the vegetables and fruits are ready to go, you cut down on mealtime prep, and make reaching for a healthy snack super easy!

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

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