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How To Make The Perfect Cup Of French Press Coffee Every Morning

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Many people would consider me to be a coffee snob, I prefer to say I have high standards and discerning taste buds, but I will also settle for coffee snob just the same! My relationship with coffee can is best described as a love affair. I love the coffee culture, freshly roasted beans, and finely ground coffee grinds. I love to meet friends for coffee and leisurely walks. I love that my husband makes me coffee every morning and greets me with a hot cup on my nightstand (yeah, he is a real winner). I also know that caffeine isn’t the best thing for us and our bodies, especially our adrenals and nervous system. However, I am just not ready to let go of my favorite morning ritual. I believe I have figured out to enjoy just one cup a morning by making it the best possible cup of coffee I can. Here are my tips on making the best cup of coffee by using a french press!

-French Press-
I like to use an Insulated french press to ensure that my coffee stays as hot as possible. I have had this French press for a few years now, and it never fails me! This french press is not dishwasher safe so if that’s super important to you, give this one a go!

-Water Temperature-
The correct water temperature is critical to ensuring your coffee doesn’t come sour or acidic. The proper water temperature for the perfect french press should be between 195 – 205°F (90.5 – 96.1°C) I like to use this electric tea kettle and use the french press button to ensure optimal temperature to create a balanced, full-bodied cup of coffee.

-Coffee Beans-
Conventionally grown coffee beans are incredibly high in mycotoxins, a toxin that occurs from mold. Coffee beans sprayed with fungicides and other harsh chemicals to kill and prevent mold growth are particularly toxic to the human body. It is best to purchase organic coffee beans when possible. See my list of my favorite organic coffee beans below!

-Grind Fine-
I like to finely grind my coffee beans for the perfect cup of french press. So I buy my coffee beans whole and grind them with a Nutri-bullet; a coffee grinder like this will also work perfectly! Store the coffee grounds in a glass jar with a tight lid to ensure freshness!

-List Of Organic Coffee Beans I Like-

-Mayorga Coffee

-Ruta Maya Coffee

– Jim’s Coffee

-Vermont Coffee Company


Practice Food Combining | Best Combines With nothing

Coffee best combines with nothing due to its acidic nature. It’s best to drink coffee black or with a small splash of homemade almond milk. Drink coffee on an empty stomach and wait 30 40 minutes to consume anything else!

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How To Make The Perfect Cup Of French Press Coffee At Home

Enjoy the perfect cup of french press coffee every day!

  • Author: Anna


Units Scale
  • 43 grams of ground organic coffee
  • 32 oz filtered water


Heat filtered water to 200 degrees Fahrenheit ( I like to use an electric tea kettle). Measure out 43 grams of ground organic coffee beans using a food scale. Place coffee grounds into the french press and pour hot water over the grounds. Stir the coffee grounds and hot water. Let the coffee sit for 5 minutes and press the press down. Pour into your favorite coffee cup and enjoy!

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Drink Fresh Press Coffee With

  • Black Or Plain
  • With Fresh Homemade Almond Milk
  • Nut “Milk” Of Choice

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